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Ex-MKT #142 began operation at the Midland Railway in late 1990.  Then in the Katy’s green and yellow striped color scheme, it was sandblasted, repaired, primed and repainted to its 1959 Katy red and black color scheme as you see it today.  MKT 142 was built by ALCO in 1951 as #1701, the RS-3 diesel-electric was rebuilt, re-engined, and renumbered #142 by EMD in 1959.  It was painted in Katy’s new green and yellow paint scheme in March 1973.  It served primarily on both freight and passenger service between Kansas City and Parsons, KS, as well as service in Houston, TX and the Gulf before being retired from service on December 16th, 1988 by the Union Pacific Railroad.  It is the only M-K-T locomotive still operating under its Katy colors and herald and has become Midland Railway’s most used and dependable locomotive.  MKT #142 generates 1,500 hp, weighs 240,000 lbs.  It is owned by the Midland Railway.

Ex-New York Central #8255 arrived at the Midland Railway on May 12, 1993.  The engine is a 1951 ALCO RS-3, on of the only 113 equipped with a steam boiler for passenger car heating and crew restrooms facilities under the rear (short) hood.  It is powered by a 12-cyl Model 244 turbocharged diesel engine producing 1,600 hp, 62,125lbs of tractive effort, weighs 248,600 lbs, and has a top speed of 65 mph.

Midland Railway #524, a former CB&Q diesel-electric built by Electro-Motive Division of General Motors in August 1946, was the first locomotive acquired by the Midland Railway and put into operation pulling excursion trains on August 8th, 1987.  The B-B NW-2, 1,000 horsepower locomotive was originally numbered #9226 for the CB&Q.  It was rebuilt for the Burlington Northern and renumbered #524.  Plans are to repaint the locomotive into its “as-delivered CB&Q livery.”  It is owned by Midland Railway member Allen Maty.

Passenger Service

Ex-Rock Island #2507 was built in 1923 for commuter service in the Chicago area on the C.R.I.&P. Railway (Rock Island) by the Standard Steel Car Company.  The “lightweight” commuter coach was Midland Railway’s first coach in 1987 and has been in regular excursion service during Midland’s operation.  Midland Rwy #2507 is 81 foot long, seats 96 people and weighs 92,100lbs.  Midland Rwy#2507 is owned by Midland Railway.


Ex-Canadian Pacific Coaches.  These two coaches arrived at the Midland Railway on October 12, 2004.  Originally Canadian Pacific , the two coaches were most recently used by the Ontario Northland Railroad.  The cars were stored in Ohio until Midland Rwy purchased them and shipped them to Baldwin City.  The cars were built in 1936-1937 by National Steel Car and finished in the Angus Shops for the new semi-streamlined, lightweight trains pulled by the high-speed Jubilee class 4-4-4 steam engines.  The first class coaches are 65′-0″ long and 36’10″ passenger compartments to seat 36 passengers.  At either end of the cars are enclosed lounges with a small toilet area.  The “ladies lounge” accommodated five passengers while the men’s lounge accommodated ten.  The cars have two-axle Commonwealth trucks with a 9’6″ wheelbase and had an ice-activated air conditioning system.  The coaches are due to be repainted soon.

Ex-Burlington Combine #7301 was built in 1916 by American Car and Foundry as an 84 seat coach.  In the 1950′s the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy (CB&Q) Railroad converted it for use as a source of electricity for newly acquired bi-level commuter coaches running out of Chicago, IL.  The car was divided into four sections.  In the forward section was installed a Cummins diesel engine which powered a 65KW generator located in another section. The section behind the generator compartment was converted into a Railway Post Office.  Mail slots for sorting mail between Chicago and Aurora, IL with labels for the towns along the way are still in place.  The passenger section was updated with sealed windows and new “asphalt tile” flooring.  The exterior was significantly modifiedwith doors for the RPO compartment and access hatch to the engine compartment.  After all the updates and repairs, the car was numbered #7301 and designated a “Suburban Car.”  In 1974 the CB&Q retired the 7301 and it was passed through a number of owners before being acquired by the Midland Railway in October 1999.  The 7301 was repainted Pullman green and “Burlington” markings installed in 2003.  The 7301 is currently out of service pending truck repair and vandalism repair.

Ex-Chicago, St.Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Railroad #441, the “Omaha Route,” later part of the Chicago and Northwestern was built in 1898.  It features a two-section roof with a monitor row of windows for light and ventilation along either side below the upper roof.  The car was (and still is at times) heated with wood and coal stoves at either end of the car.  It was rebuilt and steel sheathed in the 1920′s as a combine (half coach, half baggage) for branch line use.  It was renumbered #441.  The car is 63’3″ long and seats 24.  The car is owned by Allen Maty and scheduled to be repainted soon.